Send 1000 USD
Same to Next Day
Neither party pays serivce fees
Retail Exchange Rate is 51.23 PHP/USD
Receive 51,229.61 PHP
Bank wire
Send 1000 USD
5-14 business days
Sender and Receiver bothpay 25-45 USD
Retail Exchange Rate is 41.50 PHP/USD
Receive 40,462.50 PHP

Case study


„Although there are the big gorillas in this space, like PayPal or Western Union, none of tchem offer flexibility necessary to operate an efficient global company. (…) The main [issues] are the 1) speed to get funds to the contractor and 2) the awful exchange rate. Specifically for us, we were looking to get our employees in the Philippines money in a timely manner, Some of the specific options that we tried were Remitly, Transferwise, PayPal, Western Union, Xoom, and a few other small ones.”


„We finally settled on a new, innovative
start-up called Bitwage. (…) Within minutes, we were set up to start sending payments to our employees in the Philippines and although there were hiccups in the beginning, none of these issues were ever too large to overcome. Besides having amazing customer support, Bitwage offers a great exchange rate and timely service.”


Ryan Stommel, CEO Call Criteria